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Clean water proof eye makeup

How to clean the water proof mascara?

Great eye makeup removing tips ,Having eye makeup is great until the time for cleaning comes. Lots of women because of some reason use waterproof makeup. If you want to go to pool or be in a sunny day or you like to have mascara when you want to go to gym, we suggest to have water proof mascara. This cosmetics against to all points,they are very Resistance to clean.but if we are using them for the Thin skin of the eye Eyelashes you should be care full.

How to clean the waterproof mascara with out damage to eyelashes?

⇒For this work you need those equipment:

Eye cosmetics cleaner  (we have 2 types of cosmetics cleaner:with water and with oil and we suggest to use with water)

sfzfc Cotton pad

•Give a clean Cotton pad and put a little cosmetic cleaner on it. Close your eyes and put pads  10 to 20 seconds on your eyes. This work cause to cosmetics infiltrate slowly and make the cosmetics soft with out damage.

•Then push pad to down slowly. After this part you can wash your face and the wash the specific skin near your eyes with special cleaners or child shampoo, and wash slowly with the action down with your hand and finally wash your face.

•If you use cleaners with oil, you should do the same, but your skin is oily and surly you should wash your skin.


Eye cosmetic cleaner with coconut oil or almond oil


dgbcg.pngCoconut oil and almond oil

have lots of strange benefit and they can be great cleaners ,too. The important point is they can be cleaner and improve your eyelash,too.

Equipment required:

•Natural oil of coconut or almond

•Cotton pad

Put a little oil on cotton and put pads on your close eyes and let they keep on your eyes some second. And push them slowly to down. And do this slowly to clean all your make up after cleaning your makeup you can wash your face or for avoid to remove the oil you can clean your face with a clean pad and some water drop on it. For avoiding to distribute your make up near your eyes you should clean with a oily pad and if they goes to your eyes , wash with water.

xdgb.pngClean cosmetics with baby shampoo

Great eye makeup removing tips ,As we say you can use baby shampoo for cleaning your cosmetics. The materials on it are not harmful and you can use it for your skin without any stress.

For washing your eyes with baby shampoo you can put some shampoo on cotton and rub slowly on your eyes.Put cotton slowly to down until clean all of your cosmetics.

Then you can wash your eyes slowly with warm water and or clean with a wet cottonpad.

Using lotion or moisture crème for clean eye cosmetic

If you do not have thing that we say, you can use lotion or moisture crème.

For doing this you should first wash your face and dry. Rub slowly the Moisture crème or body lotion to your eyelashes and clean slowly with a wet cotton. To do this be so careful because they have some material that is sensitive for eyes.

Do not use some powerful materials like Vaseline near your eyes any more.

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