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The secret of beauty with coconut oil


Secret of beauty

Beauty secret of coconut oil ,Hawaiian residents has a comprehensive idea for beauty from the past. They believe that beauty is related to the appearance In addition of mind and morale .and all of them together are effective and has not effect lonely. When you use some beauty product you should pay attention to your mind and morale, too.

Maybe one of the important reason of beauty is in a healthy body, because when a person have a healthy body , she/he has good hair and skin, too. drink water less and being in front of the sun more, can makes lots of damages. so the people that they are infront of the sun or wind or water a lot should pay attention to their body more. Beauty secret of coconut oil

fg.pngThe beauty secret with coconut oil

Beauty secret of coconut oil ,Coconut oil is a natural material that has lots of properties . this has lots of nutrients and can be find all around the word . coconut oil make hair and skin soft and moisture and avoid problems of them.

Benefits of coconut oil on skin

The structure of coconut oil is so small and because of this can goes to skin so fast. Coconut oil is good for curing the dry skin and some other skin problems. Hawaiian people use coconut oil as a sunblock crème or a crème for massage the body.

Benefits of coconut oil on hair

As coconut oil has lots of effect on skin, has effect on hair,too. for do this you should put some coconut oil and rub it to your hair . then wash your hair. When hair is on water they get so broken , so we can make them strong by this method. And we can put this materials on your head and hair and wait 20 minutes after wash your hair with shampoo. This can reduce your dandruff.

uyjh.pngSecret of beauty with indian walnut oil

This oil can found less than coconut oil . but its effect can not be deny. Because of that lots of people in Hawaii use this oil.

This oil call cheesy candy, too. its helpful specially for cure of dry skin. And it can be use for sun burnt, too. this oil goes to your skin and has lots of vitamin A C E and anti oxidant . so it delay to be old. It has good smell and because of this can be used for massage , too. some of the women use this oil instead of chemical cosmetics cleaner. And womens that are searching for a anti wrinkle , can use it too.and cure mushroom and skin eczema.

In addition , this oil has lots of effect on hair, too. curing the dry hair and moisture them is its benefits. For using this oil its enough to add some of them to your shampoo and wash your hair. In some parts of Hawaii people use this oil as a dough for shampoo or soap until now.

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