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4 wrong belief about hair

Fictions about hair

Scientific facts about hair ,There was lots of fictions about hair between people ,that some of them was true and some of them was we want to tell some thing about hair belief.

Wrong belief about hair

hdfy.png1:sorting the hair cause to grow better and faster

One belief that is common between all the women is that sorting the hair, make hair grow faster and more.but this is not true and cutting them has not effect, too. Also maybe some one think that is true but its just a imagine. Cutting the hair and sorting it and removing the hair leprosy,just can guarantee the health of hair. Because of that lots of people think that its effective on growing too.

More often the long hair is assertive to short hair. So we can suggest to some body that has damage hai, try short hair style to have healthy hair. In addition the damage reason of hair should be define and start to cure.

The growth of hair is depending to genetic and some environmental factors and some diet full of vegetables ,fruits, eggs,fish, beans.

hdf.png2:washing the hair with shampoo every day makes your hair dry

Lots of people avoid to wash their hair every day with shampoo, because it makes their hair dry. This will be ok by choosing a suitable shampoo and wash every day. Of course the hair type is important that they have oily hair or dry hair. For example if some one has dry hair, don’t need to wash every day and its enough to wash every 2 days with a mild shampoo.and in others days should wash the hair with warm water and use some conditioner.

For washing your hair use warm water, some one believe that its damaging. Yes , the hot water can damage the hair follicle, and its better to use warm water. Warm water improve the hair root and exit the dirty of hair more better.

hfdh.png3:if you use one product for long time ,it has no effect

Scientific facts about hair ,Another wrong belief is when you use one product for long time, it lose its effect and hair will be powerful against of it. So after some time the shampoo wont effect like past and conditioner,too. Its true that people argue for it but there is not any specific document or research. And the reason of that problem is because of reminding some shampoo on your hair by passing time and didn’t wash. So we suggest to use cleaner shampoo every week or apple vinegar and wash your hair until wont keep any thing on your hair.

18467.2jpg.jpg4:combing the hair cause to loose hair

There is a wrong believe between people that combing the hair cause hair loose and damage your hair. This is not true and if you comb with a good quality comb, you will not face this problem.also the combing a lot can hair leprosy and damage the hair, because of that we suggest to not comb so strong.

•It is better to comb with brush that has big teeth. And when your hair is wet use comb with big teeth. And this solution is suitable for dry hair too.  its enough to comb dry hair with big teth brush.

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