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8 ways of cure for damage hair


Natural ways of repairing damaged hair

Natural structure of hair

How to repair damage hair at home ,Each hair strand has 3 layer. Modula layer that is inner hair fiber, cortex that cover whole of modula and cuticle is the most superficial layer of hair and avoid to damage it. When cuticle damage , hair get dark and lose shining and cheerfulness. Because of cuticle damage, the flexibility of hait reduce ,too. And hair get dry and broken and paralysis. so lets speak How to repair damage hair at home

drfyh.pngThe reason of damage hair

•Using powerful chemical material on hair

•Lots of heat on hair

•Hair drier

•Give too much hair type

•Sun rays

•Chlorinate water

•Absence of moisture on hair

•Hair color

•Cotton pillow case


8 natural ways for damage hair


tgdeOlive oil,

strength section for damage hair

Olive oil can make hair soft and strength and reduce the damaging.

How to use olive oil for hair

Heat one cup of olive oil and when it get cold rub it on your head. For play out the olive oil on your head, use circular movement. Then cover your hair with towel and wash your hair after 10 minutes with warm water. Do this 3 times in a week to refind your  hair healthy.

ghuyjgh.pngCoconut oil

repairer for damage hair

Coconut oil goes to hair root and improve it. Specially if coconut oil mix with honey that can equal the PH of head and hair.

How to use coconut oil for damage hair

•Heat one cup of coconut oil and mix with honey.

•Rub this mix on your head and hair and wait 20 minutes.

•Then wash your hair with cold water and keep your hair 10 minutes in towel

•Do this 3 times in a week


solution for damage hair

Egg is full of vitamins and protein and fat acids and mineral materials. And can protect your hair and avoid damaging.

How to use egg on your hair

•Mix the eggs and rub on your hair completely

•Wait half hour to dry on your hair

•Then wash your hair with cold water

•For removing the bad smell you can add a little rose water to wash your hair

•Do this 1 time in a week


effective fruit for damage hair

Like eggs, avakado is full of vitamins, fat acids, and other mineral materials and can repair the damage hair. Avakado make hair soft and watering the cuticle. Because of high benefits,we can introduce the avakado to the best natural protein cure.

How to use avakado for repairing hair

•Make the raw avakado to dough and make it like a mask and put it on your hair.

•Wait half hour

•and after it dries on your hair, wash it with cold water.

• put towel on your hair and wait 10 minutes

•and do this 2 times in a week to keep your hair healthy.

jhnAloe vera

 repairer damage hair

Aloe vera is full of vitamin C and E and by using aloe vera you can repair your damage hair.

How to use aloe vera for hair

•First give aloevera gel from fresh aloevera leaves

•Massage this on your head and wait half hour

•When it ddries on your hair wash it with cold water and take moisture with towel

•Do this 3 times in a week.


effective on repairing damage hair

Banana is a effective cure for repairing damage hair. Materials in banana can contain the lose moisture of hair and guarantee the hair health.

How to use banana for damage hair

•Crush one banana and put on your head.

•Wait half hour to dry banana on you head and hair and wash with warm water.

•For better effect you can use 2 banana and one olive spoon

•Do this one time in a week

dgt.pngBlack tea

repairing damage hair

Black tea block the DTH hormones and avoid the hair fall. And helps to shining the hair and more darkness in hair.

How to use black tea on hair

•Put 2 to 4 tea bag on hot water and wait night to tomorrow to get cold.

•After shampoo your hair wash your hair with black tea.

•Wait 20 to 30 minutes and wash your hair.

dbcWhite vinegar

natural repairer for damage hair

White vinegar is one of the best natural material for refinding your health hair. White vinegar make your hair more and make them fresh. In addition white vinegar can remove dandruff and infection of your head.

How to use white vinegar for hair

•Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 3 cups of water and after shampoo your hair always use conditioner.

•Then wash your hair with conditioner and your mix.

•Wait 5 minutes and then wash with warm water.

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