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How botox effect?


How does botox work or botox injection and side effects .Botox is a poisonous material that has botoliniom poison , and its good for cure f muscles problems or removing the wrinkle of skin. This material paralysis the muscles and avoid the wrinkle of skins. It is true that botox is a poisonous material but correct use of this can have different type of use. so let speak about How does botox work

Some reality about botox

•botox is the most popular beauty care in the world.

•botox is containing a poison that name botoliniom and if this poison will be deactive, it will be not useful.

•bolotiniom poison is for reducing the wrinkles and paralysis the muscles under the skin.

•some people that sweat a lot use botox ,too.

•botulism is a disease of botox poison that cause death.

•just 1 gr of active botox poison can kill 1 million pf people. And 2 gr of it can kill all people world.

What is the botox?

Botx is making from botoloniom poison and is in soil and lake and forests. This poison is in some fishes too, but if it is deactive has not any dangerous for animals. How does botox work ,Botox is a poison that target the nervous system and does not let the neuron will do anything so the person will die.

How botox acts?


Botox is one of the dangerous nervous poison that if it will be active cause the human death. And botulism is another dangerous disease that is because of that poison. But against of all the dangerous parts of botox , it is so helpful for some one who want to remove all their wrinkles.

Botox is injuction on the skin and paralysis the under skin muscles until the wrinkle of the skin remove. In the place of injection muscles cell faced to this material and make some reaction to cause paralysis the muscles.

19159.2jpg.jpgUsing botox for beauty

As we say botox is using for wrinkles of skin and removing all lines of skin. In addition to this some other problem like migraine , sweet lot, muscles problem and Bladder problems, can be cure by botox.

Now botox has 20 medical application and this ability can be more every day.

How is the botox injection?

Botox powder dissolve in salt and inject to the muscles directly. For effecting botox , should wait 24 to 72 hours or maybe happen until 5 days. We can not use botox for pregnant women or have allergy to this.

sgdDangerous of botox

Botox injection some times has problem. Like the body of 1% of people be strong and does not effect on them.

⇒Also we can see these problems, too:

•pain on injection

•Getting caught on injection



•Mild nausea

•Mild muscle weakening

•Lip dissection

•Hard to swallow

•look bad

•bleeding at injection part

•Blurred vision

•Reduced vision

•dry mouth



• Bump on the skin

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