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The reason of white hair


Why our hair get white?

The nature of white hair

How to prevent white hair ,Disclaimer of age, gender,religion,cult and other things every bodys hair get white finally and it shows that you are getting old. Unfortunately because people don’t like to be old and they think being old is not good, so they do not accept their white hair and this make them so worry. While the white color for hair has its beauty even shows the face more attractive. so now we want to spek How to prevent white hair

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What is the reason of white hair?

By getting old,the hair pigment get on the follicle and the damage slowly and die.because the color of hair is related to the pigments , the hair lose their color and change  to white or gray or silver.

•The white hair is a natural process that happen unconscious by getting old and more oten happen after 30years old.but the gender is effective on the time of white hair.

•The research shows that women faced to white hair after 35 years old.but men faced after 30 years old. Also the age is not only the reason of white hair and some other reasons are effective. Even we saw that some teenager and young people have white hair.

•Genetic is a important reason of White hair,and some special disease and environmental factors and each of them can reduce the white hair,too.

gvAlso lots of scientifics believes that the lack of B12 vitamin is a reason for white hair and they say that the hair of some one that they smoke will be white sooner.

Wrong beliefs for the reason of white hair

Like other points , for white hair there is lots of beliefs,too. For example in one night hair get white completely,and it can not happen and just it happen for some one that has alopesia disease.

Also people say that if you remove one of your white hair , all of your hair will be white. But they say to not remove them but there is not any document for this issue and its wrong.And people think that the dark hair will get white sooner but its wrong ,too.


Avoid white hair and its treatment

How to prevent white hair ,Unfortunately there are lots of advertisement for product of avoiding white hair or its removal,but all of them are not reall and you can not do any thing with none of them.

Nowadays there is a medicine Melancore for white hair that avoid a lot but there is not enough searches on it and we can not trust it.and there is another medicine Peromel that do same.

Worry for the white hair

Nowadays it is common to have lots of white hair in Hollywood actor but also it shows being old,too. Specially women are more worry about it and they try to hide them with hair color.this is a natural process and you should accept it and by reducing your stress you will have less white hair .

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