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Formula for rapid hair growth


Some eating thing that is effective on growth hair


Rapid hair growth

How to grow hair faster ,The process of hair growth takes lots of time and its annoying to wait for hair growthing . and there are lots of ways for rapid hair growthing in internet. But it seems that the simplest way is to have a suitable diet because its good to have all the needed material to your body. now lets speak about How to grow hair faster

The effective diet for rapid hair growth

fgjh.pngHair protein

Using protein every day will rapid hair growthing

Nails and hairs are contain lots of keratien ,so use protein is good for hair growth . protein is on egg,chicken,yogurt,and… and should use 45 to 55 gr protein every day.

•Using iron and zinc for rapid hair growth

Minerals materials like iron can help to make protein and finally rapid hair growth. Iron is on spinach and beans and sea foods and the level of using is related to the age,gender,and the type of living.

•Using more vitamins is effective for rapid hair growth

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for hair growth. And vitamin C helps to making iron and it is in citrus. And vitamin D is in milk and orange juice.

gdts.png•Food product that has biotin and vitamin B are excellent for hair growth

Biotin and vitamin B can help to hair growth and healthy and they are in egg,cheese,mushroom,almond,cabbage. You can use this vitamin like food products and supplements. Vitamin B is in fish egg , red meat, dairy , vegetables and beans.

•Essential helpful fat

Fat acid omega 3 are effective in hair growth. Also omega 3 keep hair so shinny and healthy. Omega 3 is in fish.

Some points for improvement way of hair growth

•Being hair organize is effective

How to grow hair faster ,Its interesting but its true that some people that cut their hair organized, will growth better. Specially end of the hair is damaged always and has bad effect on hair growth and this problem will be solve by cut hair.

hjuio.png•Using silk pillow

The linen pillow will frict to the hair and hair damage.because of that you should use silk .

•Do not care your hair on towel

Unfortunately lots of women for drying their hair use towel, but it can damage your hair.


Care hair for rapid hair growth

•Don’t use shampoo every day

Using shampoo every day is not bad for some one who has oily hair and its so bad for some one who has dry and normal hair . and they should use watering conditioner instead of shampoo.

•Conditioner is a guarantor of hair health

After using shampoo you should use conditioner. Conditioner contain the helpful fats and needed moisture of hair, so help to the growth of hair.

•Washing hair by cold water

After washing your hair by shampoo and conditioner you should wash your hair with cold water and this work help to not getting hair dry.

fugt.png•Use heating appliances less

Using heating appliances like hair dryer and hair iron can damage your hair and by making them dry stop the growth.

•Combing the hair correctly

For combing you should pay attention to comb correctly and always you should comb with coarse shoulder blade and for doing that you should at first removing all of your Knot then comb the top of your hair.

•Gather your hair correctly

Tightening and getting your hair so much, cause damaging your hair and reduce your process of hair growth. So we should gathering hair in a shape that do not be so strong. And its better to not use plastic hair cuts.

•Hair massage

The massage of head every day cause improvement the blood circulation of skin and by reaching blood to your hair follicole cand help to the hair growth.

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