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Top natural ways for great hair & skin

Having beautiful hair and skin with natural materials in home

Home tips for take caring hair and skin ,Women in all of the world spends a lot of money for caring their skin and using new product that comes out every day,they are searching to be more beautiful.but because those products has lot of fans , they are more expensive too. Because of that they are searchin for something that are cheap.and in addition some of them try to use natural instead of chemical ones.


Home tips for caring hair


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(12)Mayonnaise sauce

•If you have dry hair ,you can use mayonnaise should just rub the sauce on your hair and combine your hair.then put our hair in a plastic and for washing pls wait 20 o 0 minutes. Mayonnaise has natural oil and egg that makes hair soft and powerfull.but you should use reall mayonnaise that has this properties.

k79clothes softener

•One of the unbelievable care of hair is,using the clothes softener for hair. But because they are so powerful , you should mix alitle water on it then use it. For example you can use 1 glass of water and 1/4 softnne.

jolMountain Rice

•If your hair and your heads skin is oily,you should use mountain rice. Rub that on your root hair and soot hair with cotton and wait to dry. Mountain rice make hair shinny and soft .

Mountain rice makes hair bulk and by this you can show your hair so bulk. For using this you should just wash your hair with mountain rice and for drying comb with a drier.this shows your hair so bulk.


etgOnion And Water

•If you want to have more beautiful brown hair you should boil onion with water. Then wait until the water get cold and wash your hair with it. After some using you will see the difrences in your hair color.


•If you have dandruff and you want remove them its enough to put 30 aspirin in your shampoo, this work cause to avoid peeling the head and avoid to have dandruff.


•For shining of your hair its enough to put some spoon of vinegar in your shampoo. The acid in vinegar stop the cotticle of hair and make them more shinny and soft.


Home tips for caring skin


iopnatural oil with sugar

•For dry skin we can mix some natural oil with sugar and make a dough. And rub it on your hair and wait 5 minutes then wash it.if your eyes are puffying you can use tea bag. You should put tea bag on the frizzer and then put on your skin.

gyhjRaw potato

•For removing the dark circle of eyes you can use raw potatoes. And the potasiom of potatoe remove the darkness of skin and guarantee of your beauty.

uihbEye drop

•If you have some spot and acne on your skin, you can remove them by eye drop. For this you should put eye drop on your skin and wait, the eye drop remove the red color of skin and remove the acne and spot

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