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Whitening teeth with coconut oil

•Natural Way of whitening teeth at home

How to use coconut oil for whiten teeth ,The yellow and dark teeth destroy the beauty of face . because of that whitening teeth is so popular between people. In other site coconut oil has lots of properties for body especially for hair and skin but this natural oil can be effective in whitening teeth.we are speaking about natural treatments so now we want to describe How to use coconut oil for whiten teeth .

fbgd.png•The benefits of whitening teeth with coconut oil

How to use coconut oil for whiten teeth ,Indian Use coconut oil for their mouth and teeth healthy. Coconut oil has loric acid and can fight with bacteria in mouth and on teeth that makes teeth yellow. And by destroying them shows teeth more lighter.

50% of coconut oil is loric acid and fat acids that they do like anti bacteria and anti microbe and avoid to getting the teeth dark. there are so many different bacteria in every ones mouth tat some of them are dangerous and are harmful for mouths healthy, also some other just shows the teeth darker.

20192.2jpg.jpgOne of the important extract of coconut oil is being not chemical and not have side effect like other chemical product for whitening teeth. In addition coconut oil destroy the bacteria and whitening the teeth, helps to mouth diseases too. for example with the help of coconut oil can destroy the swelling of the gum and plaque on them.

•Another point of using coconut oil is that oil is so cheap be side of other ways and products and in addition to some mouth pain and whitening teeth , fight with the bad smell of mouth. Also the coconut oil improve gum and makes them strong and cure the bleeding the gum  coconut oil fight with bacteria of the mouth and teeth.

Instruction of whitening the teeth with coconut oil

⇒For whitening the teeth we can use coconut oil. for do this is just enough to follow the below recepie:

•At first you should put one spoon of coconut oil on our mouth and wait until it will be water on our mouth.

•after twist that on our mouth for 15 to 20 minutes until it can reach to all part of mouth.

•At last wash your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth like often.

〉〉you can do this so many times in a week

gjg.pngbrush your teeth with coconut oil

•How to use coconut oil for whiten teeth ,you can put coconut oil on your tooth brush and brush your teeth with coconut oil of course for this work it is better to wash with natural coconut oil.

+add a little beking soda to your coconut oil and after brush with hose mix.

〉〉And you can add spicy mint extract to your mix and n addition to whitening the tooth you can give good smell to your mouth ,too.

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