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The reason of dark circle of eyes

What is the reason of dark circle of eyes?

•How to get rid of dark circle of eyes ,The circle of dark eyes is a problem that lots of women and men are worry about it and someone that are faced with it, always they are searching for solution of removing their dark circle o eyes because it effects on their beauty. so if we say How to get rid of dark circle of eyes , s an important issue.

•unfortunately in lots of cases it can not eliminate easily and by testing so many new ways there are on face, too.

•for removing the dark circle of eyes it is better to sleep enough, drink water a lot and use healthy and good food.

hft.pngDark circle of eyes

•more often when we see dark circle of eyes, we think that that person slept a little or he/she is sick, but against of that the reason of dark circle of eyes is blood capillary under the thin skin.

This capillary are blue, purple and by making shadow under the eyes, the skin of that place shows dark.

Another reason of dark circle of eyes is the skins color of under their eyes that shows near eyes more darker against of others parts.

•Dark circle of eyes are also hereditary , u the searches says that the reasons can be having allergy to a special thing, changing of hormones, lack of sleep , lack of healthy food products, being in UV rays.

fdvdark circle of eyes

+In addition How to get rid of dark circle of eyes ,by getting old, the skin o under the eye get more thin and because of making collagen less, under the eyes get deep and dark. Because of that people argue that the dark circle of their eyes weren’t so much in some years ago.

Treatment of dark circle of eyes

Unfortunately we can no eliminate the dark circle of eyes easily but by using some products we can make the skin o that place a little lighter. Some products that we can suggest is:

19070.2jpg.jpg•Max stem cell eye crème

•Iluma intense brughtening

•Eye gel vita peptide

There is no any medicine treatment for that problem. But if the darkness is for changing the color of skin, we can reduce it by compressed pulse of light. This can have danger, too. And its no suitable for all people. If the reason of dark circle of eye is hereditary or other thing, it can be treat by IPL and take layer and be lighter.

•How to get rid of dark circle of eyes ,Another way for treatment of dark circle of eye is using massage and special skin crème for lightening. those crème  has lots of vitamin A and C , and both of them are effective for lightening. And in some other ways use sound waves on skin and by giving some shakes to skin can reduse the dark circle of eyes.

〉〉〉Al of the top ways are possible after a consult with a doctor and you should not do anything with out information.

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