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How to eliminate the chicken poxs wound?


•13 home method for eliminate the chicken poxs wound

Secrets to get rid of chicken pox

Secrets to get rid of chicken pox , Chicken pox is one of the disease that is not along with a special pain , but its effect on skin will stay for along time and destroy he beauty and subtlety of skin .Of course that always theres a way to eliminate the wounds . in his article from  , we are telling about the Secrets to get rid of chicken pox .

The home method for treatment of chicken pox

Honey is a strange mask for treatment of the chicken poxs wound

Honey is a powerful antioxidant and by using it during along time u will get back your health

Materials required:

1 spoon of honey

How to use:

1:rub the honey slowly on the spots of skin and massage for  5 minutes . do his for 3 times in a day.

2: wait for 2 minutes unil he honey goes to your skin

3:wash your face with cld water

4:dr your face  then ru moisturizer on your skin

Aloevera is a great natural mask and reach the water o skin and he anzyme in it with infiltrating o skin , eliminate he spot.〉

Required equipment:

1 spoon aloeveras water

How to use:

1:rub the aloeveras water or gel on spots and massage 5 minutes , and do this 3 times in a day.

2:wait 10 minutes to absorb the skin

3:then wash and dry

4: at least rub moisturizer on skin


Lemon is a powerful soloution  for repairing chicken poxs wound

Lemon is full of vitamin C and help to make collagen and avoid to make free radical on skin.

Required equipment:

Half of a lemon

1 spoon of honey

How to use :

1:push the lemon and get its juice

2:add honey

3:put cotton on it and rub it on your skin

4:wait 10 minutes

5:wash the face by cold water and dry it, then use moisturizer


Papaya is a natural take layer mask for eliminate the chicken poxs wound

it is a natural take layer and by activing the skin anzyme , destroy the dead cell

Required equipment:

Papayas fresh slice

1 spoon lemon

1 spoon honey

How to us :

1:put lemon juice , honey and papaya in mixer

2:mix them completely until change to a dough

3:rub it on a spots face

4:cover the place by a plastic

5:wait half hour

6:wash your face by cold water and dry

yrfh.pngBeking soda

Beking soda is a powerul eliminator for spots

it has taking layer properties and is suitable for destroy the dead cell and help to make the new cell

Required equipment

1 spoon beking soda

1 tea spoon lemon juice

How to use:

1:mix the beking soda and lemon juice

2:put the dough on your skin

3:wait half hour and wash your face with cold water

uj.pngCoconuts water

Coconuts water for eliminate face wrinkles and repair the chicken pox wound

it is full of vitamin and mineral materials on is own, and in addition to spot , eliminate wrinkles on skin

required equipment

1 glass of fresh coconut water

 How to use

1: wash he place

2:massage the spots by coconut water 3 in a day


Oatmeal is a fast repair for fresh repairer for face skin

it is a moisturizer and make the face repairing faster

Required equipment

1 up of oameal

1 cup warm water

How to use

1: put the oatmeal into the warm water

2:pu it on the face spot

3:wait half hour and massage

4:wash your face by cold water

li.pngCoconut oil

Coconut oil , special oil for eliminate the chicken spot

it is a natural antibacterial material that by avoiding the growth of bacteries , eliminate the inflammation

Required equipment

1 spoon coconut oil

How to use

1:rub he coconut oil on spots slowly

2:wai 10 minutes

3:surely cover he place with a clothes that is wet by warm water

fdgh.pngCocoa butter

Cocoa butter, special butter for eliminate the spots face , specially chicken pox.

it is full of antioxidant and avoid t formation free bacteria and has cleaning properties

Required equipment

One slice of cocoa butter

How to use

1:rub the cocoa butter on skin slowly

2:wait 10 minutes

3:clean with wet clothes

hkji.pngLavender extract

Lavender extract is powerfull drop for watering the skin

it has he watering properties.And with infiltrate to the skin, eliminate the spots.

required equipment

•some lavender drop or oil

•daily cream

how to use

1:mix the cream with lavender extract

2:rub on he spots place

3:wait until infiltrate the skin

4:and clean it after 5 minutes by clothes

〈Mix the natural effective extract for repair the spot〉

•Secrets to get rid of chicken pox, There are the lactic acid in natural extract that help to eliminate the face spot and boost the face skin repairing.

Required equipment

•Some drops of lactic acid

•a few drops of lavender

•Some kemomils extract drop

•rose water drop

How to use

1:mix all the materials

2:rub on the face skin


Oakado is one of the Secrets to get rid of chicken pox . Oakado is full of fast acid and watering extract , because of his it make fast for eliminate he spot and getting back the healthy

Required equipment 

•One slice of oakado

How to use

1:push he oakado a lot

2:rub it on the skin so good and cover all parts.


Cucumber is the greatest mask for the eliminate the spots and heir is full of vitamin C and by mixing it by lemon juice , is one of the Secrets to get rid of chicken pox ,we can make the face skin more lighter and eliminate the spots.

Required equipment

•Some slice of cucumber

•1 tea spoon of lemon juice

how to use

1:Push the slice of cucumber

2:add alittle lemon juice and rub it on your spots

3:massage the skin

Drinking water

Being face wet , increase the speed of repairing and eliminate more spot

Required equipment

8 glasses of water18333

How to use

•Drink 8 glass of water



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