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What is the reasons of black lip?

How to Naturally Lighten Dark Lips , Al the people love, not also have good shape lips , have so and pretty color lips,too. Some times the lips lose their pink color and hey get dark. this darkness has effect on smile and has effect on the beauty of the face ,too. so we should think How to Naturally Lighten Dark Lips

More often the reason of dark lips is:

•be infront of the sun rays

•drink tea or coffe a lot

•lak of investigation of lips

•for avoiding to get lips dark and eliminate this:

How to Naturally Lighten Dark Lips ,take layers and different scrab are in the shopping center.
In this article in introduce 10 ways of black lips removal with natural material .

How to Naturally Lighten Dark Lips


10 ways of black lips removal:


1:coconut oil for black lips removal

i.pngCoconut oil

Coconut oil is full of fat acid and watering the lips and make them soft an pink.for removaling that darkness with coconut oil , you should rub every night on your lips and wash it tomorrow.


2:almond oil for black lips removal

d.pngAlmond oil

Almond oil makes skin young and by changing the color , makes lips more lighter for using the almond water. Should rub one or two drop on lips every night and don’t wash until tomorrow.


3:lemon and honey surum for black lips removal

hui.pngLemon with honey

Lemon has lightening extract and by mixing with honey will be watering for your skin. For using hat surum you should use alittle lemon and honey and after mixing them, rub it on your lips. Wait for one hour and after clean it with a tissue.


hfc.png4:black lip removal by Glycerin

In addition to being in sunlight , the drying of lips causes darkness.
Because of that always you should keep it wet . you can rub alittle  glycerin by ear cleaner on your lips every night .
〈Apple vinegar has hydroxi acid , that is a lightening material and eliminate the darkness of lips.〉


5:black lips removal by apple vinegar

jk.png vinegar

Apple vinegar has hydroxi acid , a thing for lightening and eliminate the lips pygments. For using apple vinegar you should mix 1 spoon of apple vinegar and 1 soon water and rub on your lips with cotton . and ash after 10 to 12 minutes by warm water.


6:black lip removal with aloe vera

hfy.png Aloevera
Aloevera has aloesin and help to lightening pigments skin . in addition alovera can make lips skin younger. To use aloe vera should rub one layer of it on our lips and after it dry ash it.


7:black lip removal with beking soda

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(1).pngutj.png Beking soda
If lips are too dark it means ha I has lots of dead cell too.  Beking soda eliminate the dead cell and make the lips soft and pink.
For use this you should mix 1 spoon of beking soda with water and rub this dough on your lips. Then wait 3 minutes and after washing and drying lips put olive oil on your lips.


8:black lip removal with beetroot

ffg.png beetroot

Beetroot water eliminate the darkness of lips and make the lips pink also the beetroots water is like a antioxidant and makes lips more younger and beautiful use beetroot and you should keep a slice of this in refrigerator and after get it out put it on your lips and stay 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it


9:cucumbers water eliminate he lack lips

ugtj.png cucumber water 

Cucumber is watering and  help to keep lips young
For using this you should keep cucumber in refrigerator and every time with cotton put alittle on your lips and after 20 to 30 minutes wash.


10:black lips removal with rose water

hfc.png rose water

Rose water helps to ightening and watering of the lips
For using this you should put a little rose water on cotton and rub it on your lips before you go to bed and wash your lips tomorrow.

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