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20 Easy solution for of Herpes simplex


Care of herpes simplex

Herpes simplex and the ways of its caring

•What is the Herpes simplex?

Herpes simplex treatment ,its a unwanted and painful problem that destroy the beauty of the lips.

a kind of infection that makes wounds and blisters near the mouth.

This problem happen, because of being herpes simplex often cure between 2-3 weeks.



•Reason of vesicate?

When the virus of HSV with the mouth tissue, and mucous membrane of mouth mix,it exists.

this virus enters  to the body, never comes out and from the mouth comes to the central nervous system and stays there. When it active again, in the kind of herpes simplex exists near the lips.

•Some important reason f vesicate:

•Stress and anxiety

•Women menstruation



•Body waterless

•Being along the sun

•Lips tattoo

•Surgery of nerves or teeth

•Lots of upset

•The sign of vesicate:


some others:

•Pain near the mouth

•Glands swelling on the neck or other part of body

•Sore throat


•Feel  itching on the herpes simplex

•Little and red blisters


•Lips swelling

•Pain of mouth and tongue


Home Remedies for Herpes simplex


〈Olive leaves〉    〈leaf basil〉   〈Ice compress〉    〈mint oil〉   〈root of sweetheart〉

Herpes simplex treatment

gd.png•Ice compress

One of the fastest and simple ways of curing of herpes simplex is using the ice compress. Picking up some slice of ice and put it directly on your wound . By doing this the swollen of your lips will get less. After using the ice, certainly cover the place by Vaseline. For the good result,do this for 3 times in a day.

•Root of sweetheart

This is one of the best natural ways of curing herpes simplex. All the thing that you should to do is to mix 1 spoon powder of sweetheart by half spoon water. Mix them, it will be dough and put it on your herpes simplex. And you boil the sweetheart and drink it like tea.

rh•Olive leaves

The extract of olive leaves is like the natural antibioic for treatment of herpes simplex

•Mint oil

At first clean around and on the Herpes simplex by water. After put the ear cleaner to the water and after put it in the mint oil. Hen rub it directly on your lips. And do this 2 times in a day.


Pick up some alcohol and put the ear cleaner in It and rub it on our herpes simplex. Using the alcohol, reduce itching and inflammaion around the mouth.

grtf.png•Tea tree oil

This oil has the properties of anti fungal, disnfecton and antibiotic. For the treatment you can put the ear cleaner in oil and put it in our herpes simplex , and let it dries by its self. And for the good result do this 2 times in a day.

•Apple vinegar

Put some drops of apple vinegar on an ear cleaner and rub slowly around the herpes simplex.

Attention : if you rub apple vinegar directly on the herpes simplex, you will fell irritation so bad.

Treatment of herpes simplex wound

Lavender oil         honey         milk         garlic        chamomile



For the eliminate of herpes simplex pain, milk is a good solution.  Pickup one spoon of milk and one ear cleaner, and put the head of ear cleaner into the milk and rubs in your skin, at last dry your skin by a clean towel.



Chamomile has properties of anti-inflammatory and disinfection. you can use tea of chamomile  or rub some oil of it on your wound. By doing this illness will be ok soon.



Rub honey on your herpes simplex, 2 or 3 times a day.

Attention:Pay attention to do not eat the honey by your tongue.


fh.png→Lavender oil:

Lavender has he properties of soothing for the treatment of h s put some drop of lavender oil on ear cleaner and put it directly on your skin.


Vitamin E AND C

they ARE SO GOOD FOR THE TREATMENT OF it. Vitamin c helps to increase white blood cell, that causes increasing he safe system of body and vitamin E destroy the discomfort of herpes simplex. Food product like Bruxelles, tomatoes , kiwi, sweet peppers, and spinach are full of vitamin c . Nuts and oakodo, cereals and vegetables are full of vitamin E.


Corn starch dough

→Put 1 spoon of corn starch in a dish, and mix I by a tea spoon. Mix it good, and add water slowly until it make a dough. Before you go to bed rub it on our skin and wash it next morning.


u.pngAlovera gel

Alovera gel:Pick up some leaves of aloevera and cut it middle and rub the el o your skin. If you have not the leaves, buy the gel from shopping and rub by an ear cleaner.


Vanilla extractVanilla has disinfection , put 1 lean ear cleaner in vanilla extract and rub on your wound 3-4 times in a day.


Garlic:Garlic is one of the fastest ways for treatment of the herpes simplex. Pick up one cabbage garlic,and cut it from half and put one side of it on your herpes simplex . pick up some cabbage garlic, and knocking until it makes a dough, and you can put the dough on your skin, or use 2 garlic capsule in a day.


Vaseline:Vaseline protect your injury from bacteria and make the skin around it soft. Cover your skin by Vaseline.


Ice compressPut a bottle of hot water on your wound and wait,and you can put a towel that is wet by hot water on your skin, this can reduce your pain.





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