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4 ways of caring for dermal skin


Care dry skin with honey

care dry skin with honey ,Honey is used for beauty of skin from before until now, and has lots of properties ,too. Honey is one of the important ingredient of skin caring products.when we say care dry skin with honey because There is honey in lots of houses and using it make the skin soft and light.With honey, the moisture of skin will supply and destroy the drying. Using the honey constantly will solve lots of skin problems and makes the skin soft. In addition honey is a powerful antibacterial and destroy the skin infection. so we want to speak about care dry skin with honey

The ways for destroying the dermal skin with honey

 honeyHoney and lemon Skin Scrub

Lots of the scrub in shopping are made by honey, but for making a natural one you can do this:

  • You need olive oil , lemon juice , sugar, coffee and honey
  • Mix all them in a bowl and put a thin layer on your skin

This mask will destroy the dead cell and make your skin more younger and juicy.

yolkYolk take layer

If you are tired of taking layered of your skin, you can use this take layer :

  • Mix 2 yolks and 2 spoon of honey and rub hat dough on your skin.
  • Wait half hour and then wash your face .

For destroying your dead cell you can warm the dough before using.

Natural moisture

care dry skin with honey ,Honey has watering properties and make miracle on skin.

buter.pngHoney and butter

Add a little honey to butter and rub on your skin,And if you want you can mix 2 spoon of honey with cocoa butter and rub on your skin.

Also you can add 2 drops of lavender to your mix.

Mix all the materials and rub on your face or where ever o your skin you like.

some addvise

If you want to use it for all of your body, pay attention that you will need more ingredient and you should use more.

you should keep your rest of mix in a bowl with cap.

〉〉〉〉Pay attention to use all the mixes on clean and dry skin.

Put the mix 20 minutes on your skin and after that wash with water or a washing gel .

Do not forget that honey keeps moisture on skin and shows the skin soft and juicy.

vgdHoney and cocoa scrub

This watering is suggest for some one who is searching for effective and efficient ways caring skin.

Ingredient for this scrub:

2 big cup of honey, 6 spoon of not sweet chocolate , 2 cup of salt , and half cup of grape seed oil.

⇒For preparing this you should first mix the honey and grape seed oil, but do not put water on it, and after add chocolate, too.

Wait until the mix get more density, then rub it on your face and body skin. all of this article was about care dry skin with honey

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