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Tips for beautiful skin in summer


How to care our skin?

Best Tips To Care Skin In Summer. you know that the sun has good point for us. but harmful rays can destroys our hairs and skin .hot weather and sweating a lot and evaporation are should pay attention to Best Tips To Care Skin In Summer .


The first point of caring skin in summer

shower-01Hot shower

Avoid to take hot shower:       

Hot shower can completely dry your skin. Next me that you want to take shower in the summer, set the waters degree between 10 to 15 degree. And take shower less.


The Second point of caring skin in summer

wetSkin  Wet skin

•Keep your skin always wet     

Don’t wait your skin get dry and when your skin is somehow wet , make your skin wet again.( its better to have one water spray to use.) when your skins is wet ,attract more moisture and make one layer of protect on your skin.


The third point of caring skin in summer

Cream anti sun block cream

•Read the information on the anti sun block cream 

Before to buy the cream, certainly read the information on the sure that is your suitable cream and how much time it stays on skin. Can we use it in the pool or some activities that makes lots of transpiration.more often antisun block cream stay on our skin between 1 or 2 hours.if the are water proof,those point surely written on their box.


The forth point for caring skin in summer

hjk.png anti sun block cream

•Protecting against the sun more

Using the only antisunblock cream for protecting your skin against of UVA and UVB rays is not enough. For being protect for those rays rub a Spf cream around your eyes.use a sun block cream and watering lip stick for your lips.

–How much you can, protect your hair from the sun or use shampoo or other product that has VV rays.


The fifth point of caring your skin n summer


•Use mild cosmetics

Keep our heavy cream powder and softener for cold season and in the hot season use product that you feel lightness. Use hair serum and body oil and don’t worry for drying you skin , this will watering your skin enough.


The sixth point of taking care of you skin in summer

•Tanned slowly

If you want to  protect and keep your skin fresh , laying down infront of the sun  isn’t good. but if you insist to be tan , instead of laying down one time for long hours , its better to go different times .until you can reach to your favorite color of skin .


The Seventh point of caring skin in summer

dbh.pngwater spray

•Protection after sun bathing

After sun bathing, certainly use the water spray (water mist) and aloevera gel.if burned you skin , certainly use he anti burns spray. all of them are Best Tips To Care Skin In Summer .




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